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Does it sound like I am getting a little tired of this weather?  WELL, I AM!!!

Cool, beautiful, friendly, serene Ruidoso has always had snow and cold in the wintertime.  We are used to it.  But in the sixteen years that I have lived here, I do not remember ever having below freezing temperatures for a week and a half.  Combine this with one of the largest snowfalls to come our way in several years, and you have  DISASTER.

This same storm hit over 20 other states, most with much more severity.  I know my hometown of El Paso, Texas also suffered from snow and cold, and they hardly ever get both!  At least the majority of Ruidosoans know how to drive in this weather, with one big exception, me.

The snow readily turned into ice, making travel extremely dangerous.  The good side is that I have a friend who volunteered to pick me up in her four wheel drive truck, and I readily accepted; thanks Kelly.  I do not have a vehicle  equipped with four wheel drive because my hubby never wanted one.  He could drive in any weather, and I depended on him.  I can get down our little hill, but getting back up is quite another thing.

The snow plow angels came on the third day, and hit my street.  My two wonderful neighbor gals across from me came over with shovels and got that darn snow out from in front of my car and cleared a path to the street.   Isn’t it wonderful to have friends like that?

Because of the low temperatures, pipes across town froze, and then burst.  We were swamped at work (my job is with a plumbing firm),  everyone wanted our services at once, if not yesterday.  The Village of Ruidoso has started to take some action, shutting the water off several sections at a time, checking for some of the huge leaks which had begun to deplete our water supply.  We are a resort town, and a large majority of the houses are vacation homes, empty at this time.  So any leaks would not be known or reported.

Everyone in town has been most considerate, understanding the situation and putting up with the inconvenience.  We’re just waiting for the wave of vacation home owners to hit town; not all of them are patient.

I had gotten used to getting up in the morning and seeing the low temperatures.  This morning I was quite surprised to see that it was 30 degrees;  we’re having a heat wave!

Today the high was in the 50’s, and I’m praying that will hold through next week end.  All my children are coming in for their Dad’s second anniversary mass, and I know  most of my family will attend.  It will help me considerably being surrounded by them, I still get quite emotional; the sense of loss is always present.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers, young and old;  I had a love of my own.

Hasta la Vista


There is always that sad day after a vacation, when you wake up and decide it is time to return home and to face reality.

I escaped from a week  of snow and ice surrounding me at my home in Ruidoso.  As I have stated before,  I cannot stand the aftermath of a snow storm, the grime and grit that is essential to getting the roads clear and passable.  Right now, across from my house stands a hill about 15 feet high of this same sequel.

I was very happy to see the plows appear and clear the street, including the front of my driveway; but the snow had to be dumped somewhere, and a space across my house provided that needed room.

When I left, the cover over my deck had developed a leak directly at my front door, when I returned it had deteriorated to a full blown emergency, separating it from the main roof, and threatening to completely disintegrate.  The roof of the storage room had also developed a leak and made the walls look like something from a frightening movie set.  As I stated before, the gazebo collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice.  Insurance time took most of one day, but I finally convinced the unseen person that unless I had the roof  fixed, it might collapse over my head as I entered the house.  They promised to send someone that same day.  Good Luck

So reality set in with a bang.  No more leisurely walks along the beach in Jupiter, Florida where I went for a few days with my daughter and son-in-law; no more wonderful delicious fresh seafood dinners at restaurants with far sounding names.  No more wondering what to do with our spare time, go bowling ( we did, disastrously) take in a movie (we did, one which I liked and enjoyed tremendously, but the rest did not) no more sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean and thinking how my beloved would have loved it.

The winds started the day after we landed, and the swells made for very good wind sailing (for young, strong bodies).  We enjoyed watching them and wondering at their energy and endurance.  The next day the seas were a little bit calmer, and then the surfers came out.  The temperature was in the 70’s, but I know the water was cold.

My trip home was uneventful, once I discovered that my CD player was working O. K. ; it was the disc I inserted that was dirty and would not cooperate and play the music I enjoy on the road.  There are always teary moments when  songs  my hubby loved come on; it is impossible to avoid since he loved music, which was a big part of our lives.

It will be one year next week since his passing.

Hasta la Vista

I made it back home–fully intact and raring to go.  All my plans came to a halt by a trick Mother Nature played on me; she decided to teach me a lesson, by making it snow for two days without stopping.

I finally ventured outside and measured the snow on the ledge, and it was sixteen inches high!   We had not had this much snow in our  fifteen years of residency here.

The television weathermen were ecstatic, almost dancing on the screen as they described the heavy snowfall in New Mexico and elsewhere, with another front on the way.  The skiers were just as happy, as Ski Apache reported between 32 and 36 inches of new snow.

I found myself well equipped for the first storm, but had to get some supplies before the second one hit.  A feeling of Deja Vu came over me, I made it down the hill just fine, but could not manage to get back to the house. I sheepishly called my son, and he again came to my rescue, warning me not to venture out, that he would come and take me wherever I needed to go.   True to his word, he made sure I didn’t, by showing up and driving me to the store.

I have plenty of books to read, my computer games to play, my crossword puzzles to complete, and am still going stir crazy.  I finally managed to work the DVD player, and have also been watching movies my hubby and I had bought, but never got around to seeing.  We were always much too busy to sit still for two or three hours; well, I have plenty of time now.

I have also had sad moments, as the Gazebo my beloved installed over the patio collapsed with the heavy snowfall.  I had tried to clean off some of  it, but did not manage to get it all; when I looked out the window after the storm, I saw it all crumpled on the floor, only the posts still standing tall.  The tears came, as this structure was his pride and joy, and stood as a reminder of the pleasure he took in it.

The tears come further apart now, but it only takes something like this to start them flowing; it will be one year next month of his passing.

Lord, give me strength

Hasta la Vista

I think I am the only Ruidoson that does not wish or pray for snow .

The white “gold” is a must for the local economy.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am all for bringing the money in to our merchants during the winter months; this will allow them to fiscally survive until spring and summer when the GOOD weather starts.  I just don’t want it to snow.

I have not always been anti-snow; its just that this is the first winter without my beloved by my side.  He was the one who did the driving, the snow shoveling, the salting of the icy steps, etc.  So I find myself trying to do all these things, and succeeding in some and miserably failing in others.

I can shovel snow pretty well, and salting all the icy spots is a piece of cake.  Driving in the snow, however, is the most challenging of challenges.  Let me tell you a little story that happened during the last snow storm.  I had just gotten back from one of my trips to see my children, and the refrigerator was quite empty.  It snowed during the night and most of the following morning, but by noon the sun was out and was melting  the white blanket from the street leading up to my house.

One of my neighbors had made their way down, so I figured I could too.  I did fine, sailed down the hill, and went to the nearest market.  No problem.  However, the return was something else.  I could not get back up to my house.  The car kept stopping and sliding back down the hill.  I would go back down as far as possible, gun the motor, race up the hill and my faithful chariot would stall and slide on the ice.  Going back and forth took some time, and two of my downhill neighbors came out to help.  They pushed and pushed, and soon they  were joined by my son.  The car said “no deal, I ain’t going up”.

I finally gave up, got out of my vehicle, and trudged up to my house.  I was dead tired, and decided to leave the rest of the job to my son.  I changed my clothes, and looked out the window, and saw my chariot coming up in reverse!  My son decided that was the best way to get up the hill, and he was right.

On the drive back to his house, he informed me the plows were on their way.  I had called them, and they said all the plows were out at all the busy streets, and it would be some time before they made their way to my” seldom driven by anyone but me cul-de-sac”.  I gave them the sad story of being recently widowed with no one at home to help me, and unable to get out of my house; my voice even broke while speaking.  I think they took pity on me and came out as soon as possible.  For that I was eternally grateful, and thanked them profusely.

Needless to say, I don’t even try getting out of the house during, or after a storm.  I wait until I can see the black asphalt of the street, with no ice or snow whatsoever before I venture out.

I love to see the snowy scenes of white pristine beauty.  Its the aftermath that I hate.

Hasta la Vista