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Pardon me if I feel a little queasy and unsettled today.  The state of the world just seems to have shifted in my mind, all because of a program I watched on television’s  “History Channel”.  It was about the possibility of weapons being developed for the near future which could basically destroy mankind, using laser beams.

If you are any kind of a reader of comic books, science fiction, or even just an interested by stander to films in the genre of “Star Wars”, you have seen ultra modern weapons  used extensively in efforts to destroy their enemies; all in a world of make believe.

Well, get ready, the above mentioned program went into detail of all the tests that have been conducted  for weapons using even microwaves, which could possibly be ready for use within the upcoming twenty years.  It is very scary, dealing with bigger, better, and utterly destructive weapons that can obliterate the world.

Think atom bomb; these are more effective because they can be used by any human being with two hands, not requiring rockets for launches, huge  airplanes or ships.  They will be made to be handled as any gun used today.  Any country could easily take command of the world after destroying most of the people who inhabit it.

Surely, I was thinking, this can not possibly be true; but scientists appearing on the show had assurances based on facts and tests that, indeed, this could come to be.   Can you imagine such a happening?  The pessimist in me shuddered and reared up at the thought.

I immediately went outside and contemplated the beautiful world around me, made by a God who loves the people created in his image.  He gave us minds to use in perfecting this world, souls to use in loving one another and in helping those with most immediate needs.  Surely we can use our brains to rein in mavericks who would used laser powers for their own devilish deeds.

The trusting deer appearing in my yard gave me hope.  The hummingbirds chirping for their food calmed me, and the bluejays flying around hinting for their peanuts all helped to restore my soul.  My daily walk through the forest revived my drowsy optimism to a full alert status. Good can indeed triumph over evil, alert scientists can circumvent the ruinous features of the lasers, right can defeat might.

Thank you Lord for this day.

Hasta la vista.