Alicia Lopez’s Musings



Hi!  I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, I’m not saying what year;  a woman’s right.  “Oh vanity, thy name is woman”.

I attended Alta Vista grammar school through the sixth grade, and then Austin Middle and High Schools through my graduation with the January class of 1949. My maiden name was Alicia Rodriguez, I became Lopez when I married the love of my life,  Luis, in 1950.  We were married for 58 years until the grim reaper took him from me.  We were blessed with five children who have been my biggest supporters, next to their dad.

I have always been able to express my emotions and thoughts better through the written word than verbally, and this led to my writings which were first printed in the El Paso Times beginning in 1991.   I began by being a guest columnist for the editorial page editor during his vacations, this eventually led to a weekly column which ran through 2008.

I hope to keep writing for many years to come, it is something which I thoroughly enjoy, and my hopes and wishes are that you all (I’m from Texas) will welcome me into your cyberspace.



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