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Posted on: November 20, 2009

I journeyed back today from my visit to our children in Dallas.  The time passes so swiftly, I can hardly believe a week has gone by.

This is the norm, the days pass by so slowly when you are looking forward to that trip, and they fly by when you are actually at your destination and enjoying the assorted family members surrounding you.

We spend the majority of the time talking, laughing, remembering, and sometimes crying.  As the holidays approach, we look forward to them with some trepidation.  This will be the first holiday season without my beloved.  To them it will be the first without their father, and grandfather.  He was so enthusiastic about everything that pertained to this time, that he infused it to everyone.

We will change a few things about the celebration, having decided to draw names this year for the first time in our history;  I can say in half a century, since he and I were married fifty eight years. We always did the shopping together, he carrying the packages and giving his nod of approval for whatever I chose.  His expertise was with the manly things, the girly ones he usually left to me.

This Thanksgiving we will all be together, except for my granddaughter who lives in New York, and a grandson who cannot bear to leave his dog in a kennel.  I told him if I didn’t have three dogs  already invited to the feast, I would tell him to bring his Maddie, but she is much larger than the other three pooches and I can foresee problems.  People who are not dog lovers will wonder at his decision to not come, but I completely understand;  I have been a dog person for years.

So, I look forward to their coming and to our time together.  They always love Ruidoso, and cannot bear the thought that one day I may have to sell the house and leave, but Father Time has a way of diminishing mere mortals, and I am a realist.  I will have to move closer to where I have more family and medical support, although my son who lives here tells me he would take care of me by himself, but I would not tie him down to an ailing mother, he still has his own life to live.

Hopefully that will be in the future, relegated to “some day”.  My health is good, and I am slowly but surely learning to live again.

Hasta la Vista

6 Responses to "RETURN HOME"

We’re looking forward to our annual road trip to Ruidoso. See you on Wednesday about 2:00 p.m. I plan to drive a little slower this year.

I love the tradition of Thanksgiving in Ruidoso. It will always be my wish that we continue this tradition in memory of Dad who loved it so much. Even if the house is sold and you move, I would hate to see that tradition die. But like you stated, I also am a realist and we should take this one year at a time.
We are looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Love you,


We’re looking forward to our annual road trip to Ruidoso. We should be there about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. I plan to drive a little slower this year. See you then.

It’s my fault Jiffy’s comment is in there twice! I thought it had been deleted…

Hello, I came across your blog when I was looking for blogs on Ruidoso. I was partially raised there as a child and miss the area.
I hope you don’t mind that I stopped in… You are always welcome to stop by my blog too…. I now live in Germany.
Have a wonderful holiday 🙂


You are certainly a long way from home! Thank you for your nice comment, I will continue to write about my experiences in Ruidoso for as long as I live here


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