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Posted on: November 9, 2009

For the first time in nine months, since I became a widow, I  actually used a calendar for my schedule.

The months behind me were empty, just as my heart was.  There was no joy in my daily life, just drudging steps taken to make the day disappear.  I was startled to see Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas ads making their appearances;  they just seemed to tumble together.

In our family, the majority of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. fall during this season, and it seems that we are left breathless until the new year.

To say there is joy in my heart now is going a bit far, but I do have the flutterings and beginnings of it.  All my children are coming to celebrate Thanksgiving, something that has become a tradition, since my hubby loved to cook that big bird for the day, and we, in turn, loved to eat it.

With some trepidation, my children asked  if I was up to continuing with their coming.  One of my sons even offered to have the turkey at his house.  I thought about it seriously, and decided that we should continue to observe the day as we had for so many years, for as long as we could, remembering that he loved to have everyone around us for that day, and for his birthday that followed.

It also happens that we used to celebrate three birthdays at the same time, his, our daughter’s, and one of our son-in-law’s.

We agreed to continue the tradition without the birthdays.  One son in law is turning 60 this year, so I will be journeying to Dallas for that big day.  This is when my calendar use came in; there are several occasions with different days where I will have to be present.

Please let me brag on something that made my day.  I was attending a meeting and mentioned the trip to Dallas and the occasion for it; one young lady commented on the fact that I did not look old enough to have a 60 year old son in law!  I took it as a big compliment, and beamed for the remainder of the meeting.

On my list of things to do I also have a brunch at one of the local casinos, and I invited a gal from my Democratic Party to attend with me.  She does not drive or gamble, but does eat, and she readily agreed.  I hope we win one of the big prizes.

The day after that feast, I will be leaving for Dallas for a one week stay.  After returning, I hurry back home to take care of a couple of things, then drive to El Paso three days later to house and dog sit at my son’s.  When they come back, I will journey home, carrying the bird with me, to begin preparations for the big day.  One daughter will be here the following day,  and the rest of the clan will follow shortly.

I wish the rest of my life was as busy.

Feliz Dia de Gracias

Hasta la Vista



1 Response to "TWO FRUITFUL WEEKS"

I love this article. I am looking forward to our annual trip to Ruidoso with joy and sadness. I know that Dad would want us all to be together in the house that he loved so much. He will be looking down from heaven with a smile as we attempt to make his famous dressing!

See you Thursday!


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