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Posted on: October 30, 2009

It finally arrived!

After weeks of snow warnings, we awoke this morning to a beautiful white, pristine, winter wonderland.

Not that we got that much, but at my house, it covered the lawn, the parking lot, my car, and all surrounding areas.  It snowed almost all day yesterday, but  very slow, almost grudgingly, as if Mother Nature was still not sure about it.  I estimate about two inches of the white gold dropped, albeit, unwillingly.  If my hubby was still living, he would be faxing our children the great message, “ITS SNOWING!”.  He kept such a message close by the fax machine, almost as if he was urging it to happen. He loved the snow and would go out, as soon as he was able, to take pictures. God, how I miss him.

Ski Apache, our ski resort, received at least 15 inches, and the skiers must be shouting for joy; I know the merchants of the town are doing just that.

Viewing the weather report, northern New Mexico received more than their share, at least two feet were estimated to fall in some areas.

As for myself, I loaded up on books.  My sister and I have a lending library between ourselves, where we exchange books as we read them.  On her last visit she brought me a bag full, so I have plenty to keep me entertained.

My pooch does not like the snow, and keeps trying not to go out.  I have to open the door, and push him out, before he has a chance to retreat.  Once out, he will run out, do his business and return as quickly as possible, to lay in front of the fireplace; “Ah, this is the life, he comments”, in doggy body language.

My physical therapist discharged me this week, so I get to do all the exercises at home.  He gave me three rubberized strips which I am to use.  It took a little bit of time for me to figure out how to do this, I tied one to the leg of my bed, the other to the bedroom door, and kept the third to use  inventfully.  I put this over the door, and use it for my arm exercises; because they are rubberized, I pull against them and really feel it.  If I am snowbound for more than two days, I will develop  arm and leg muscles to put athletes to shame!

It is 7:00 in the morning as I am writing this, and dark as Hades.  I hope the sun comes out soon.

BRR– Hasta la Vista



4 Responses to "WINTER WONDERLAND"

I also miss the “It’s Snowing” faxes and phone calls. How I miss Dad. Winter coming in Ruidoso, how beautiful the town looks in snow.

Thanks for your comment–just multiply your missing of Dad by the thousands and it will still not reveal the emptiness I feel.


I too miss the “faxes” from Dad. I think about him everyday and with those thoughts I always encounter a wonderful memory. The last one was of the funny halloween song he would sing every year! Remember? Ryan told me just yesterday he was going to miss the good Thanksgiving dinners that Grandpa made. I told him we would do our best, but he’s right, Dad had a special gift of cooking. He could look into a refrigerator and make a meal with what was in it.
I bet the town looks beautiful! I am so looking forward to being there!
Thanks Mom! I love you and keep on writing!

When you told me on Saturday that it had snowed, it caused another flood of memories and tears recalling the faxes Dad would send us.
I miss him so much.
And I also think, “If this is how I feel, I can not even begin to imagine how Mom must feel.” It is overwhelming.
But I am so grateful that we have you, your talented and creative writings, your presence in our lives.
I love you,

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