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Posted on: October 22, 2009

Well, this week has been an unusual one to say the least.   I always have a peaceful, serene, uninterrupted, quiet peace of heaven around my house.  Not this past week.

It began by having two huge trucks parked halfway across my driveway.  They were from a local long distance company fixing what I believe to be their cable box.  Not even a humble, if snide, comment to ask my permission to block my driveway while they worked.  No, they just took it as part of their sovereignty and rights to do as they pleased.  I dressed in a hurry to go out and give them a piece of my mind, but when I got out there, they had left, leaving a big hole in the ground.  I figured they would be back, and I would confront them at that time.

Well, it so happened I was away whey they came and finished the job ( or so their job description says).  They left a large ridge which would allow the run off water to go straight into my yard.

I was fuming, as this had happened a couple of years ago and I could not get any satisfaction from any office I contacted.  Finally, I called the local street department, and they listened to me.  Their solution was to erect a rather large “speed bump” to allow the water to run straight down the street.  This was erected directly in front of my driveway.

I can live with that speed bump, however visitors who have not experienced the jolt while going over it, still complain to me about it.  It sort of juggles their lunch.

It rained quite heavily last night, and guess what?  The water ran straight into my yard.  Knowing better than to contact the company (as these things are not their fault), I went out and reconstructed the dam I had built before.  I am hopeful that it will again divert the water down the street.

You think my problems were over?  Of course not, you know the old saying, when it doesn’t rain, it pours?

The house across the street from me has been put up for sale.  Two large SUV’s were parked in their driveway over the weekend, and I could see a lot of activity.  They were changing out the water heater.  I was not peeking, but every time I looked out, some more things had been put in the driveway.  I assumed, as most of us villagers do, that large construction waste has to be carried to the dump.  Well, let me tell you, the cars had white license plates with a big star on them, and we know where they came from.

Monday morning I went out to empty the trash, and lo and behold, two LARGE old water heaters were next to the dumpster in front of my property.  Of course, no white licensed cars were in evidence, they had fled the scene.

I called the local waste department and reported the deed.  They were most helpful, and that morning sent out a truck to take away the horrible eyesores.  I wanted to have them report this to the real estate company which is selling the house, but they told me that I did the right thing in calling them, because otherwise nothing would have been done.

Since I felt like hitting someone, I took my ire out by pelting out this story on my blog.

There, I feel much better now.  Isn’t the message on the sign below ironic?  Just let Texans mess with you!

Hasta la vista



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