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Lost Anniversary

Posted on: September 10, 2009

September 10, 1950.

A day that lives in my heart, evoking memories of  a happy event which changed our lives forever.

Today would have been our 59th wedding anniversary.

I think back and remember the excitement we felt, ready to take on the world, for we had each other and nothing could stop us.

Exiting the church, a friend of my new hubby informed him that he had just been recalled into the Navy.  This was the beginning of the Korean War, and so for the first few months of our newly wedded bliss, this little black cloud hung over our heads, as he was also in the Naval Reserve.

Thank heaven the call never came.

So much has changed since that day, it is almost impossible to believe.  We now live in a world of new innovations which did not exist at that time; computers, television, cell phones, newer and newer electronic devises, faster automobiles, heating and cooling  sun powered units, microwave ovens.  How did we ever get along without them?  We even saw man land on the moon! Since then we have witnessed numerous excursions into outer space.

Wrapped up in our lives and the children that followed, we were also very aware of the happenings around us.  We experienced the many events which are now a part of history; the assassination of a President and his brother, and also that of a civil rights icon and many men and women who fought for their rights.

As man is also the worst enemy of man, we have gone through several wars, with more ferocious and destructive weapons.  Will we ever learn?

Life is so short, enjoy every minute of it; turn around and half of your existence is gone.

What I wouldn’t give to have my love here with me, fifty eight years were not nearly enough.

Hasta la vista


3 Responses to "Lost Anniversary"

I know Dad is watching from heaven and is filled with pride that you continue to write. He always believed that your articles belonged in the major magazines and newspapers.

Your blogs are a joy to read no matter the subject.

Keep counting the years since that day you married, your love is eternal and you will meet again in the presence of Christ.


What a beautiful article written on what will always be “a special day”. Your marriage is the perfect example of a true love story.

Fernie is right about Dad watching over you and he is happy that you are continuing your great talent of writing.

Don’t ever stop…I enjoy reading them.


Maw, what a beautiful article! God blessed you and Dad with each other this day and subsequently brought us all together. Remember we will all see Dad and all our loved ones again!

I pray every day that God strenghtens and comforts you and I know Dad’s praying for you and all of us!

Keep using your writing talents as a source of healing and as a source of pleasure to all who read them!

Love Rick & Debbie

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